Taxes and Inflation – Taxes and Inflation

No tax reform items will make it through Congress if those items touch the very wealthy. Congress is set to drive the middle class further downward, shred the net for the poor (they don’t count raging inflation for food and clothing) , and make the very wealthy much wealthier until at least the 2014 election. If you make less than $500k per year you better pray that the House goes Democrat in 2014.
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America’s International Economic Nightmare

Would you like to know how America has been trying to rule the world????  Pushing smaller nations into huge debt, then threatening their leaders while US corporations make huge profits off the taxpayer .


Dismantling the Empire – Destroying the USA for Profits

The USA AT WAR and creating enemies in every locale!  Why?  Chalmers Johnson explains the USA is almost broke and wants your pensions, social security and health care for MORE WAR.  Who profits?  Big Oil and Defense Contractors!   – –


USA is a Predator and a Parasite on the World Economy

Everybody knows most US Corporations and Execs are corrupt and the USA near bankruptcy. China, Russia, EU, everybody is sick of our market manipulations and chicanery. Nobody is more sick of it than the American People!!!!  Andrew Bacevich explains how our government assisted in this corruption.   By using our military to remain in a predatory mode, assisting corporations and defense contractors in their parasitic practices.  Who does this help?  Only the largest investors with insider knowledge of the planning, the execs. – –